How to Step Down a Nicotine Habit

How to Step Down a Nicotine Habit

Stepping down the amount of nicotine you consume can make you feel cranky, irritable, and downright miserable, so it's important that you take it slowly and have a game plan in place. 

Use these tips for stepping down a nicotine habit and still managing your daily tasks:

Keep Your Mouth Busy

Many individuals that have developed a nicotine habit also have developed an attachment to the act of dipping itself. This means that you'll be able to step down your habit more easuily if you replace this action with something else, like Whitetail Smokeless leaf or pouches. A replacement action to keep your mouth busy can go a long way towards helping you limiting the urge to dip.

Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy helps you to step down the amount of nicotine that you're using on a daily basis. Instead of dipping tobacco, you can control the exact amount of nicotine that you take in daily starting with Full, then Medium, Then Zero, to step that amount down a little at a time. You'll find that it's easier to stop a nicotine habit over time by stepping it down slowly, instead of attempting to quit cold turkey.


As you adjust to less nicotine in your system, you may find that you have excess energy to deal with, or that you feel irritable. Exercising a bit more regularly can help you to feel better throughout the process. Consider a short daily walk, yoga, or even something as simple as deep breathing. These things can help you feel a bit more in control of your body and your emotions while you step down your nicotine levels.

Seek Out Social Interactions

If you're struggling to be alone and finding that you want to increase your nicotine consumption in order to deal with the situation, it may make more sense to seek out social interaction, instead. This can help you to handle the lowered nicotine intake, feel more distracted, and have something else to do that you enjoy. It can be tough to feel alone while you deal with the emotional side effects of stepping down your nicotine habit.

As you step down your nicotine use, use the tips above to help your brain and body adjust. Whitetail Smokeless can help you throughout the process so that you can still enjoy time with your friends and loved ones as you work to become more healthy. Reach out to us today to learn more about the process of lowering your nicotine intake in a healthy manner, stopping dipping, and adjusting the amount of nicotine that you consume overall.