About Us

About Whitetail
Whitetail Smokeless was started because I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. Over the last ten years I have lost several family members to cancer caused by tobacco use. I know first hand how hard it can be to completely drop nicotine cold turkey. Being a former dipper myself I have been using our own homemade "concoction" for the last year or so and occasionally share it with fellow dippers looking for a safer alternative. I got so many "Dude! you need to make this and sell it" requests that I decided to perfect that product and prepare it for mass market. At Whitetail we set up to create a dip that has everything dippers like us demand; burn/buzz, taste, packability, longevity, spitablity and the option to step down to lower nicotine levels when we were ready. Of course we think we nailed it, but we want to hear what YOU think. After all, this product was made FOR DIPPERS, by dippers and we won't stop until our customers are satisfied. Feedback is strongly encouraged.

Rob Kieckbusch, Founder-CEO
Rob has lived his entire life in small town Wisconsin and enjoys living "out in the sticks". He spends as much time as he can in Wisconsin's great northwoods, or as he calls it "God's Country". Dippin', spittin', huntin', fishin’, boatin', shootin', hikin', four-wheelin'. Previous to Whitetail he was part owner and Chief Product Officer for Johnson Creek Enterprises. At JCE he helped thousands of customers quit their tobacco smoking habit by creating dozens of award winning tobacco-free products for electronic cigarette companies like Blu eCigs, Fin, Johnson Creek, Real (Republic tobacco) and many others. Robert has over 25 years of engineering experience in medical/healthcare devices, industrial components, ISO9001 protocol and FDA regulations. His favorite types of music are country and old rock. His favorite beer is Leinenkugels. His favorite whiskey is Benchmark #8.