Meet The Family

Our extensive, hand-crafted, small batch process replicates the taste, texture, and burn/buzz of traditional dip in both pouches and long cut. Full, Medium or Zero nicotine. Tobacco-free chew tobacco alternative.


The classic flavor that dippers have come to love from the "Big" national brands but without any of the dangers of tobacco. The same taste, texture, color and nicotine burn/buzz... everything you want, nothing you don't.


The familiar salty, smokey, sweetness you have grown to love from traditional "Straight" and "Natural" chew but without any of the nasty stuff that comes with tobacco. Full Flavor. Full Satisfaction. Quit chew today.


If you love the cool, crisp taste of peppermint combined with the sweet, smokey undertones of regular Mint flavored chew then you won't be disappointed. Big Flavor. Zero Tobacco.


Mr. Honeycrisp meet Granny Smith. Delicious sweet red apple collides with sour, tart green apple to create a flavor that will be sure to make any Rancher truly Jolly. No Tobacco in sight. Just pure, clean flavor. Quit chewing tobacco today.


Sweet, juicy peaches blend perfectly with the flavor notes of fine white burley to create a treat that will have you swearing you are sittin on a front porch in southern Georgia.

Handcrafted in the Heartland