Whitetail Smokeless Peach is a tobacco free dip that is a sweet, juicy treat.  We'll have you swearing you're in Georgia.

Available in two styles, moist or dry!

Moist. The moist pouches have the classic peach tobacco blend that dippers have come to love from the big national brands but you won't have to cope with any of the dangers associated with tobacco. The same taste, texture, color, size, and nicotine burn/buzz as a traditional tobacco pouches... but without the dangers associated with tobacco. Handcrafted in small batches. As always we do not include ANY ingredients that will lead to tooth/gum decay. The base of these Peach moist pouches is stone ground corn and NOT mint leaf!

Dry. Our dry white nicotine pouches are strictly pure peach flavor with zero tobacco undertones. The dry white pouches are a little thinner than our moist pouches so they can fit discreetly in either the upper or lower lip. (comparable to Zyn or Velo)