We Sell Tobacco-Free Dip!

At Whitetail Smokeless, we know that our products are not like any other products around. We're not selling the same old products and competing with a whole lot of different shops trying to do the same thing.

Our products come from a really deliberate philosophy about your health, and the ways to manage it.

We want to introduce our customers to healthier ways of enjoying their traditional habits – because not everybody can completely ditch their habits when new health reports come out. 

Here's what we mean:

We saw some family members struggle with cancer after using traditional dipping tobacco for years. We recognize that the science is in – tobacco in any form is bad for you. So we created our own alternative product to dip more safely.

Dipping Tobacco

In a way, dipping tobacco is a lot like smoking. It's a traditional activity that humans have done for hundreds of years. It spans different cultures and different societies – for example, when you look at those old sepia-toned photographs of your favorite baseball team, you’ll see those guys with tobacco if some sort. Sometimes even doing things like smoking on the bench, in the dugout or in the locker room!

However, as mentioned, new science shows how devastating this can be to your personal health. The solution for us was to go ahead and create products that deliver the same functionality without the risk. The Whitetail Smokeless non-tobacco dip is a new product that you’re not going to find on the shelf at your local convenience store for two reasons. One, Big Tobacco has a strangle hold on the distributors who pay big money to control the shelf space at retail. Two, we want our customers to experience the freshest products possible. Over 99% of our handmade products are shipped days of when they were canned. Our dip doesn’t sit for weeks in distribution warehouses and then more weeks on store shelves.

Breaking The Habit

You can get our dip with or without nicotine according to how you need to proceed in changing your habits. We know it's tough to quit cold turkey - that's why we offer three levels to help you step down at your pace, when you’re ready.