Dry White Coffee Nicotine Pouches

Dry White Coffee Nicotine Pouches

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Rack Nicotine Pouches are white, dry, tobacco free, flavored, nicotine pouches that are made with “Non Tobacco Nicotine” which is a tobacco-free synthetic nicotine meaning our Rack pouches contain absolutely zero ingredients derived from tobacco!

Rack Nicotine Pouches come in the most popular flavors, Peach, Apple, Wintergreen and Mint.

Rack Apple comes in one strength of nicotine, 6mg.

Rack Nicotine Pouches come 20 pouches per can (compared to just 15 per can in our competitors) so they are the best value on the market!

Rack pouches can be purchased in a single can, 6 can roll or 12 can roll delivered right to your door!

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