Black long cut classic

Whitetail Smokeless BLACK is our first long cut tobacco free dip to use green tea leaves in place of mint leaves. This smooth, complex flavor features four different tobacco flavor blends that are then enhanced by dozens of sweet, smoky and salty notes that dippers have come to love from the big tobacco brands...but as always with Whitetail Smokeless you won't have to cope with any of the dangers associated with tobacco.

Still crafted by hand in small batches, every single step of our extensive process is 100% done right here, in-house in Jefferson, Wisconsin along the banks of the Rock River. Unlike others, we do not farm out any part of the process to other companies and just slap our label on it.

We are also the ONLY brand that does NOT include ANY ingredients that will lead to tooth/gum decay...

  • No Tobacco.
  • No Added Sugar.
  • No Molasses.
  • No Honey.  

This tobacco free dip is available in three (3) nicotine strengths to help you slowly step down and kick the tobacco habit.