Green Apple flavored tobacco free Long Cut
Green Apple flavored tobacco free Long Cut - Dip
Tobacco free chewing tobacco alternative -  Green Apple Long Cut

Whitetail Smokeless Green Apple (leaf) Tobacco-Free Chew Dip

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Limited edition small batch. Whitetail Smokeless Green Apple is the classic flavor that dippers have come to love from the big national brands but without any of the dangers associated with tobacco. A green apple treat that will make any rancher truly jolly

As always we do not include any ingredients that will lead to tooth/gum decay... 

  • No Sugar. 
  • No Molasses. 
  • No Honey. 
  • No Tobacco. 

    Available in three nicotine strengths (Full, Medium, Zero). 

    This flavor rotates in and out of production throughout the year.

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